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this the best environment. >> reporter: the other case presents a challenge to doma, the defense of marriage act passed by congress 17 years ago. it blocks federal recognition of same-sex couples in states where they are allowed to marry, denying them about one thousand federal benefits that other married couples get. it's being challenged by 83-year-old edie windsor of new york when her spouse died and left her the estate, she got a tax bill for $363,000. >> if the federal government had recognized the marriage, it would have been zero. zero. >> reporter: after first supporting doma, president obama now says it's unconstitutional. >> basic principle that america is founded on. the idea that we're all created equal. applies to everybody. regardless of sexual orientation. >> reporter: house republicans are now defending doma in court. >> the administration doesn't get to decide what is constitutional. the supreme court does. and our phillipsing of the lawsuit was to make sure that the proper forum was used to make sure that we know what is constitutional and what isn't. >> that was nbc's pete wil
area quote we should leave prop 8 and doma in place and leave this to the political process. if people change their minds, we can implement through that mechanism. >> she says someone stole her dog. she and her service dog, r-2 were riding home after an spca event. the pomeranian was right in a carrier next to her. she dozed off. when she woke up, archie and his carrier were gone. archie is designed to help people cope with anxiety. >> i'll give reward money. anything. i'm desperate. >> lanahan spent the day putting up posters and searching for archie. >>> well, going horseback riding in yosemite may soon be a thing of the past. they want to help restore the area's natural setting and protect the river. also on the chopping block, the ice rink and the swimming pool at the yosemite lodge. the stone bridge and the art activity center is popular with families. tonight's public meeting with san francisco was mixed. >> what's next? we got rid of all of this, now let's tear down the hotels? >> they did a tremendous amount of really good work. >> now, the proposed changes come after decades o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2